How to Start a Blog using Blogger – A Step by Step Guide


How to do blogging on Blogger, do you want to do blogging on Blogger? It is not that easy for a newbie to start blogging by creating a blog. Because they do not know what to do, and where to start?

So if you want to start blogging by creating a blog on Blogger, then read this post completely.

Because In This Post I will tell you in full detail about how to do blogging on Blogspot. With the help of which you can start blogging on Blogspot from today itself.


How do I start a blog on Blogger?

Creating a blog on Blogspot is very easy. You can create a blog by following just a few steps. But when you want to do blogging, then you have to start with full planning. Only then you can earn good money online by blogging on the Blogger platform.

Select Blog Niche

When it comes to starting blogging, first of all, you need a topic. And the blog topic will have to be chosen very carefully. Otherwise, later you will have trouble sharing the post. Therefore, you should choose a blogging topic in which you are interested. And on which you can continue blogging.

Buy Domain Name

A domain name is the address of the blog. Which visitors type on the browser to visit your blog.

You will get a free domain on Blogger for this. But this domain is not SEO friendly. Because of which your blog content will not get a good rank on the search engine.

But if you add Custom Domain then it will be easy for your content to get a high rank.

So you select a short domain name. Then buy it from Godaddy or Bigrock.

Create a Blog

After buying the domain name, now you have to create a blog on blogger. Then you can start blogging on your blog.

To create a blog on Blogspot, you must first go to Then sign in to continue to blogger by entering your email id and click on the continue button and enter.

After login, now a popup will open. In this, you have to enter the title of your blog. Then click on the Next button.

how to do blogging on blogger

Next, enter the URL of your new blog and then click on the key button.

blogger par blogging kaise start kare

Now on the next page, you have to confirm the display name of your blog. After that click on the finish button.

blogger par blogging kaise start kare

Just now your free blog has become on Google.

How to Add Custom Domain Name

You have created a free blog. And now its URL will be something like this,

In this, you have to remove .blogspot and add .com, .in, .org whatever domain you have bought.

And adding a new domain on Blogspot is very easy. You can add a custom domain name to your blog by following just a few steps.

Design Your Own Blog

You have created a blog to start blogging on Blogger. And you would definitely like that more and more visitors come to your blog.

But Blogspot is a free platform and with its default design, you cannot attract visitors.

So now you have to do blog design. And your website has to be given a great look.

And in blog designing, you have to change the template, add and remove some widgets, etc. 

Setup Menu Bar

The menu bar is below the blog header. And it is easily visible to all the visitors.

On this, add some main categories or tags of the topic in which you will share the information on your blog.

And by adding a menu bar to the blog, visitors can easily see the category they want to see.

Make the necessary pages of the blog

After creating a blog, some important pages have to be added to every blog. For example, About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us. Which visitors and Google can easily know about you.

And if you want to earn money from a blog, then without these pages your Adsense Account will never be approved.

Therefore, do not forget to add these important pages to the blog.

Make Blogspot Blog SEO Friendly

By designing a blog, the blog will look beautiful. But what is the use if it is not visible on the search engine?

That’s why it is important to make the blog SEO friendly.

And to make the blog SEO friendly, you submit your blog URL to the search engine of Google, Bing. Then enable Advance SEO.

Next, you create a Sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.

Finally, now your blog is completely ready. On this, you can start blogging now.

Write High-Quality Post

When you blogging, you always have to think that every blog post of yours should be at the top of the Google search engine.

But how?

So the answer is High-Quality Content.

Meaning if you publish SEO-friendly high-quality content on your blog, then you can bring high traffic even in fewer posts.

And to write quality content, you have to do Keyword Research first.

Then after selecting the best title, you can start writing the post.

Always write the post in detail, add the focus keyword in a good way. And write a post that helps visitors.

In the last, you do On-Page Seo on the post. Then publish it.

Increase Traffic Website

Most bloggers think of earning money after publishing 5 -10 high-quality posts on the blog. But you don’t do that.

Because right now the traffic of your blog will be negligible.

In such a situation, even if your Adsense account is approved, your income will not be there.

So you first search for ways to increase blog traffic. And increase visitors to your blog.

And when good traffic starts coming to the blog, then you can earn from your blog by applying on Google Adsense.

Final Words

So friends, today you learned about how to do blogging on Blogger. Now follow all the tips mentioned in the post properly. And start blogging on blogger. And if you have any questions in your mind, then tell me in the comment box below. I will be glad to help you.


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