What is Stock Market? Definition, Meaning, History, & Facts


Hello friends, welcome to this wonderful article today, in this post, we are going to know what is the stock market is and how to earn money from it, all of us want to become rich and work day and night for this so that they get their destination. In the previous post, we have explained how to earn money online by explaining it well.

But in today’s post, we are going to tell some such thing apart from that, many people are in a dilemma about it, they thought right, we are talking about stock marketing, many of us do not know that after all. What is the stock market and how do people earn money from it, if you do not even know about it, then you are in the right place, in this, we are going to give complete information about the stock market.

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What is Stock Market?

Let us know what is this stock market, friends, any company in the world needs money to move forward and everyone knows that there are mainly three ways to earn money, first if you have money then. You can invest money by yourself, secondly, you ask a big investor to invest money in your company, and thirdly, public funding means the company takes money from any common man.

That is, the initial public offers which are called IPU, the general public buys these and becomes a small shareholder of the company, after which when that company benefits than they also get profit and when the company is in loss then it decreases. happens to them too 

How Stock Market Works?

Suppose the value of a company is Rs 3 crore and it took out 3 lakh shares, then the price of the share will be Rs 100 if you buy 20 of its shares, then you will become the owner of Rs 2000 of its company and if this company comes 6 crores in the future, then the price of that 20 shares will increase from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 i.e. double that and if the value of that company increases from 3 crores to 1.5 crores, then the value of your 20 shares will increase from Rs 2000 to Rs. 1000 will be in this presentation you will have a loss 

How to Make Profit from Stock Market?

If you want that you should make a profit, then you should buy shares of such company which does not go into loss, for this you have to know about that company, what is it company, whether it is its life in future or not. The product of that company is going to run among the people in the right sense, after thinking all the things, you should invest your money. 

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What is the Best thing About Stock Market?

The best thing in the stock market is that you can sell your shares whenever you want, but you can withdraw a lot of money, that is, if you feel that the company is going to go into loss, then you can sell your shares and withdraw your money. 

When Does the Stock Price Rise in the Stock Market?

The price of shares of any company increases when there are more buyers, this is the law of the stock market, when the demand for something increases, the price of that thing also increases with it, and when the demand for something increases. If not, then its price decreases, and people are ready to sell it at a lower price. 

Where to Learn Stock Marketing?

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Friends, the stock market is a good way to make passive income. But wherever it comes to making money from money, the risk is also very high

But if you invest in the stock market by doing research and getting the right information, then you will definitely benefit. Also, you have to take some time to understand the stock market. If you want to invest in the stock market without research and time, then perhaps the stock market is not for you.

Today you understood what is the stock market and what are the basics of the stock market.

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