Best Platform to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India


Where to buy bitcoin? If you want information about these questions then you are in the right place. Because today I  am going to tell you about Top 3 Indian Website to Buy & Sell Bitcoin, along with this I will also give information about Bitcoin Investment in this article. You all might not know but Bitcoin has become legal. Now you can buy and sell bitcoin. If you want to invest in Bitcoin online like Share Market, then you should read this post completely.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world. In today’s time, people consider it more beneficial to invest in bitcoin than gold and you can get the idea from the fact that in 2016 the price of one bitcoin was only Rs 31,805 and today it is Rs 40,71,238. So you can understand how beneficial it is to invest in bitcoin. In such a situation, here we are going to give information about the top 3 best platforms in India from where you can buy and sell bitcoins.

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Bitcoin is electronic money that you can only buy or sell online, Bitcoin is not the currency of any country, but still, it is used in many countries, including India. If you also want to Buy & Sell Bitcoin, then you should read about the Top 3 Websites to Buy & Sell Bitcoins well and earn money by investing online.

Top 3 Websites to Buy & Sell Bitcoin in India

Many people are afraid that if they buy, to whom will they sell it, so in such a situation you have to understand that the customer does not have to search you to sell. You can sell bitcoins from where you have bought them. If you are hearing its name for the first time then click on the link here and know,

Today, investing in Cryptocurrency is considered more profitable than gold and the stock market. We told you about this above, if you had invested only Rs 31,805 in bitcoin in 2016, then today it becomes Rs 40,71,238. This much benefit will not be available in any stock and gold. In such a situation, even today the bitcoin price is getting high every day and people are saving it by buying it as soon as possible.

Here we are giving information about the three best websites. From there, any user can go and create an account and buy bitcoins from Rs 100 to crores of rupees. All these websites are considered to be the best so far and the conversion rate is also good here. In such a situation, if you want to spend some part of your income investing online, then you must try this.

1 BTCxIndia:

This is India’s most rending site from where you can buy and sell bitcoin very easily. The interface of the BTCxIndia site is very easy, which any Bitcoin Trader (people who buy and sell Bitcoin) can easily buy and sell Bitcoins by creating an account. If you are going to invest in Bitcoins for the first time then this site is best for you.

You can buy and sell any type of Cryptocurrency by creating an account on this website. In which there are many Indian coins as well. But its most important feature is a complete wallet is available here for bitcoin. In which you can buy and sell your coins and together you get a unique wallet link and name from which you can get bitcoin from another person.


Your account gets verified in 48 hours on the BTCxIndia website, after that you can sell & buy Bitcoin through ICICI bank. It is very easy to create an account here, you go to the website and set your password by entering your email and name. After the account will be created, after verifying the account, you can add account details from the bank from which you want to buy and sell bitcoins.

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2 Unocoin:

Unocoin is the most popular website to buy bitcoin because it is designed for beginners, if you are thinking of investing in bitcoin for the first time in India, then Unocoin can be the best place for you where you can securely buy bitcoin. and can sell. Unocoin’s interface is exactly like any bank’s UPI app and all its features are also similar to UPI app, such as Wallet, Recharge, Send, Deposit, Withdraw, etc. Along with this, you get 2 Step Authentication in Unocoin which makes your account secure.

It has been designed keeping in mind the Indian customer who wants to make a mall investment and want control over the money. Here you also get control over bitcoin investment and also get a digital guide so that you can see the changes going on in the market and accordingly decide whether you want to invest or not.


At present, more than 13 lakh customers have been associated with Unocoin, who buy and sell Cryptocurrency from this platform. In such a situation, you can understand how trusted this platform is. Its mobile app is also for iOS and Android, so you can manage it on mobile as well. Everything from the Bitcoin price calculator to customer support will be found here. On the Unocoin website, you can invest a maximum of Rs 50,000 at a time, if you want to invest more then you can do it Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

3 LocalBitcoins:

This is the most secure website from where you can Buy & Sell Bitcoin because even after 2 Step Authentication in LocalBitcoins, you get the option of Account Security so that you can secure your online account. If you want to buy Bitcoin using Direct Cash or PayPal Method or if you have Bitcoins and you want to sell on Direct Cash.

If you want to reach more and more people to buy and sell bitcoins, then this website is for you. Because it is a famous website in India as well as in Europe and millions of people use it to buy and sell digital currency. In such a situation, if you want to use any payment method and buy bitcoin from it, then use it.


So you can use the LocalBitcoins website. Along with this, many more ways will be found on the LocalBitcoins website by which you can buy or sell Bitcoins in India.

Friends, if you invest money in Gold, Share Market then you can invest money in Bitcoin online in the same way. With this, you can earn money online because the price of Bitcoins also keeps on fluctuating like the stock market and gold, in today’s date the price of 1 Bitcoin is about Rs 40,71,238. In this post, I have told about the Top 3 Websites to Buy & Sell Bitcoin from where you can buy and sell Bitcoins and there are many other such websites and apps (ZebPay, CoinSecure) from where Buying & Selling can be done. Hope you liked this post and it has been helpful for you, if you have any suggestion or idea about this post then you must comment us.

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